For iPhone Users: If you would like to view the above printer in augmented reality, you can click the picture below. This will open a new tab where you may download the augmented reality .USDZ file and view it locally on your device (an alternative link is locate beneath if the picture link is unavailable).

Unfortunately this capability is not available for android users due to file incompatibility issues.

  1. Additive Manufacturing: We are focused on enhancing and improving Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) 3D printing techniques. These efforts are focused on improving environmental condition for printing, improving hotend performance, designing and developing multi-material 3D printers.
  2. Characterization of Viscoelastic Matter: When surfaces are nanoscale inherit time-dependent properties due to their viscoelastic properties, performing dynamic AFM measurements become challenging. The techniques developed in our first research focused are used to characterize petroleum related products (i.e. Kerogen), biological samples (i.e. DNA), or polymers.
  3. Multifrequency AFM: Optimization of available multifrequency AFM techniques and development of new techniques is the focus of our research work. This work is done by use of fundamental theories of vibrations to understand the dynamics of the cantilever in different environments. The theories are verified through simulation and experimental work.