1. Multifrequency AFM: Optimization of available multifrequency AFM techniques and development of new techniques is the focus of our research work. This work is done by use of fundamental theories of vibrations to understand the dynamics of the cantilever in different environments. The theories are verified through simulation and experimental work.
  2. Characterization of Viscoelastic Matter: When surfaces are nanoscale inherit time-dependent properties due to their viscoelastic properties, performing dynamic AFM measurements become challenging. The techniques developed in our first research focused are used to characterize petroleum related products (i.e. Kerogen), biological samples (i.e. DNA), or polymers.
  3. Additive Manufacturing: Effect of environmental condition can play a major role in the final quality of a 3D printed part. These effects are more severe in thermoplastic materials. In this effort, we are interested in finding the optimum 3D printing condition by performing multi-scale material characterization study.