Congratulations to #WidenerEngineering professors Dr. Babak Eslami and Dr. Kamran Fouladi for the second consecutive year of receiving the research grant from the Manufacturing PA initiative through the Pennsylvania Department of Community & Economic Development!


Congratulations to #WidenerEngineering professors Dr. Kamran Fouladi and Dr. Babak Eslami for being recipients of the Manufacturing PA initiative through the Pennsylvania Department of Community & Economic Development!

AFM research at Widener University: Dr. Eslami will be presenting his reseasrch at Living Learning Community (LLC) meeting on January 28th 6:30pm at Howell Hall.


Congratulations to Jesse Putnam for accepting Maintenance and Reliability Engineer position at Arkema Inc.! Upon graduation with MSc in Engineering in May 2020, Jesse will join Arkema in Beaumont TX where he can apply what he has learned in classrooms during undergraduate studies and research project in polymer characterization during his graduate studies at Widener University to enhance and develop optimum manufacturing process. He will be responsible for implementing mechanical reliability programs for all vital equipment on-site, use downtime analysis to improve chemical process through mechanical means and budget, scope and manage capital projects both independently and alongside the engineering team. Best wishes to Jesse for his continued success in engineering career!

During past summer, Dylan Caputo (Sophomore Mechanical Engineering student) helped AFM Lab to study the effect of humidity on quality of PMMA thin films. Through this study, an environmentally controlled spin-coater is designed and developed. It is also verified that high humidity during spin-coating process can increase surface roughness of PMMA thin films. His results will help AFM Lab to have a better control on the quality of thin films fabricated in the lab. Thanks to Dylan for his hard-work and best wishes for his junior year!